BeatStars Distribution Services

We live in a world of streaming media. Where music is discovered, shared and can spread like wild fire in an instant. As music producers you need to protect where your content gets uploaded and distributed. BeatStars is glad to announce our streaming music distribution initiative where BeatStars producers can collect and earn revenue from their compositions anywhere on the web. We've partnered with YouTube, Spotify, RDIO, MOG, Slacker and Last.Fm to seamlessly distribute and collect revenue from your content anytime it is listened to on those services.


  • BeatStars will collect revenue from every stream for you on YouTube. (Even if someone else uploaded your track)
  • Distribute your tracks to all the streaming music services
  • Your beats will not be available for download on these sites
  • Music listeners will discover your beats and find you to purchase downloads
  • You will be paid for every stream on all services
  • It's FREE to distribute if your a Gold or Platinum member!