Catch You (w/ Hook) BEAT

by RockItPro  

Genre:   R&B , Soul     Mood:   Soulful , Loved

11559 3 73 BPM

'Catch You' beat with hook ft Quis.

Lyrics: Baby don’t you be afraid of love, cause I know you’ve been hurt before and shawty I’ve been hurt before but girl we’ve gotta let that go, and trust in us, we gonna make it through whatever promise I’m gonna do you better, baby don’t you be afraid cause I’m gonna be right there to catch you when you fall in love with me.


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Br3   5 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
OMG I love this beat and would like to work on this beat!!! I've been searching for a beat like this that will help me a make a move in my career!
mrnes   6 mos ago Recording Artist
sup bro im purchasing whats the difference from premium and basic??
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