Catch You (w/ Hook) 73 BPM

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'Catch You' beat with hook ft Quis. Lyrics: Baby don’t you be afraid of love, cause I know you’ve been hurt before and shawty I’ve been hurt before but girl we’ve gotta let that go, and trust in us, we gonna make it through whatever promise I’m gonna do you better, baby don’t you be afraid cause I’m gonna be right there to catch you when you fall in love with me.

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Catch you

posted by Vi3tdream  •  11 months & 3 weeks ago

Yo! I'm saying tho homeboy, can a sista lay to rest before my shift or what? Too tight to get some shut eye man!

posted by welch2010c1379120752  •  1 year & 8 months ago


posted by Slickkk  •  1 year & 9 months ago

You should make this a whole song

posted by tianatimmons1374500126  •  1 year & 10 months ago

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