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Multi-Platinum, 2X GRAMMY™ Award winning producer. Mala Rodriguez "No Pidas Perdon" (Best Urban Song Latin Grammy) & Beyonce' "Dangerously In Love"... Read Full Bio

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One of the greatest! Crazy beats Focus!

by TurreekK | 1 month & 2 weeks ago

WHOOOOOOOOAAAAA!!!! BMX..... WOW that's a true blast from the past... phunkeyz1396207965

by Focus | 11 months & 1 week ago

Hey Focus are you still rocking' the Ensoniq SD-1? It's been a long time brutha... when we used to do it with BMX, lol...hit me up when you get a chance. Thom

by phunkeyz1396207965 | 12 months & 1 week ago

Hey Focus. Did you remove one of your R&B Beats today? I need that one bro! Was buying it on payday! Lol. Please man.

by tikobrown691388634486 | 1 year & 1 month ago

Love the sound you droppin' over here Focus...Fav'ed....keep it comin'

by DeleswaProductions | 1 year & 2 months ago

Best producer on this site

by thakhani | 1 year & 4 months ago

You are my favorite Hip Hop Producer of all time!

by dahl.221363789391 | 1 year & 11 months ago

i would like to buy the lease for the recipe....I was wondering if a third verse is possible to add before we make the purchase official.

by lostcauseofficial | 2 years ago

Will there be winners for the contest?

by Gustoluv | 2 years & 1 month ago

Sup man. I'm loving the beats!! I was just wondering, is the sample for "Die" cleared? Let me know when you post more beats too!

by Raiza | 2 years & 2 months ago

3 of your tracks are going to round my album out NICELY! I am LOVING them!

by angelicaloveross | 2 years & 4 months ago

havent heard anything that inspired me in years man thanks

by CentricBeats | 2 years & 4 months ago

Keep up the good work!

by MaassluisBeatz | 2 years & 5 months ago

tight like always

by chuckc8081349860024 | 2 years & 6 months ago

Thanks Triple X

by Focus | 2 years & 9 months ago

Wutup Fam! Yo that Die joint... So simple and PERFECT!! iLL! And yo Autumn? OMG.. ILLY!! Who knew you were so sick on the mic lyrically and can blow too?

by TripleXbeatz | 2 years & 9 months ago

What up Focus keep killin em homie music is Krazy!!!!

by SKIISHARP | 2 years & 10 months ago

You make guys like me want to get better.Thank you... Your music is masterful.

by DrZion | 2 years & 11 months ago

ay i'm taking recipe with the hook mayne off top... thas a bet...

by DRoc1 | 3 years ago

what happened to that west west beat...i was just about to cop that joint yo

by calio | 3 years & 5 months ago

your beats are FIRE man keep up the good work!

by crazyguitarist101 | 3 years & 6 months ago

wassup! like ur stuff! im listening where im from all day :)

by RedEngineMusic | 3 years & 7 months ago

can i get recipe with no hook?

by omixon | 3 years & 8 months ago





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