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Sean T. was raised in the rough streets of East Palo Alto California in the Gardens district. Brought up in a family of musicians, Sean T. started his... Read Full Bio

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it like he a producer and i'm producer you got make money for helping them with the whole soundtrack

by mynameisishmael | 1 year & 3 months ago

its not that serious!!! bang i'm on that real talk

by DRoc1 | 3 years & 1 month ago


by TalentDisplay | 4 years & 4 months ago

Keep Doin Ya Thang Mayne U Da Yay Area Dr.Dre If Not Better

by yungguda | 4 years & 4 months ago

Peace sir, been tryna find you on Twitter or an email to holla about beats for my artist MR SICC here in New Zealand. If you'r eon twitter, please holla: @Mark833 or email: [...] Thanks Mark.

by mark833 | 5 years & 1 month ago

Sry for droppin in on your profile... Ur Beatz R fire though .. Im New to this site and before I post my beats I would like to recieve the knowledge on whether it is safe to just send it threw the websites e-mail??? thanx

by musicchemist | 5 years & 2 months ago

Love your music. Do you have a myspace?

by JayAlexander | 5 years & 3 months ago

Your killing it with them beats! Keep doing what you doing..

by JayR | 5 years & 4 months ago

something is wrong with your file for What am I - it will not play can you fix this I just purchased it

by sajida35 | 5 years & 4 months ago

Money- goes hard!!!! Next time your in Richmond CA, holla at your boy.

by UnderratedMakio | 5 years & 4 months ago

What am I- Str8 Fire homie!! Keep bangin my nigga.

by Gun1 | 5 years & 5 months ago

u got clean beats man, hey i have a question write back at me

by frisco415 | 5 years & 4 months ago

Thas what's up RasCes 1 luv homie.....

by SeanT | 5 years & 1 month ago

Im feeling ya beats. Dey ill! Keep up da good work!

by RasCes | 5 years & 2 months ago

Thanks man, I will. Your beats are dope man, U got a impressive production list 2!

by TurreekK | 5 years & 3 months ago





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