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Artist / Producer, San Francisco, CA
Allen Kass is an upcoming recording artist, and producer from San Francisco, CA. Influenced by everyday life, past and current struggles to create music of his own genre. In 2006 is when Allen fell in love with the process of writing, producing and recording his own music. He started to work on and release new projects constantly, while using his own creativity to do as much in-house as possible. Taking each opportunity, and chasing his dream to make music for a living. Starved for success and focused on the future, each day he is getting closer to living his dream. Allen Kass has been pursuing his musical career for over 10 years now, and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.









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ALLEN KASS - LIVE YOUR DREAMSreleased on Apr 9 2018

Official Video for Allen Kass "Live Your Dreams" Formaly known as "BIG A" Directed, Shot and Cut By Left Lane. For more BIG A Check out For more Left Lane vis...

Allen Kass - Bring it Back (Official Music Video)released on Apr 9 2018

Download "Orange & Black" Mixtape Here: Allen Kass (formerly known as Big A) http://allenk...

Allen Kass Presents: Live Your Dreams Episode 1released on Apr 9 2018

↓↓ LIKE ALLEN KASS ON FACEBOOK ↓↓ Facebook: Twitter: @RealAllenKass Allen Kass brings you the first episode of his Live Your Dreams series taking you on the journ...

Allen Kass - Do This (Music Video)released on Apr 9 2018

Allen Kass (formerly known as Big A) "Do This" Directed By: @Eighty9s ( Contact Allen Kass: SHOT, DIRECTED, & EDITED BY FRANKIE "STAXX" ...

Allen Kass - Man In The Mirror (Music Video)released on Apr 9 2018

Artist: Allen Kass (formerly known as Big A) Song: Man In the Mirror Directed By: @Eighty9s ( Edited By: Big A 2 download this song go here and grab the "Orange & Black" mixta...

Allen Kass - Hoes on my D*** (DIRT NASTY CONTEST WINNER)released on Apr 9 2018

↓↓ LIKE ALLEN KASS ON FACEBOOK ↓↓ Facebook: Twitter: @RealAllenKass Remix Contest Entry for Dirt Nasty's instrumental "Hoes On My Dick" Download Song Free: ht...

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