2am BEAT

by BeatsByWonder  

Genre:   Pop , Pop / R&B , Hip Hop     Mood:   Relaxed , Mellow

Tags:   #khalid  ,  #blackbear  ,  #mike posner

36894 34 136 BPM

The free download is only for listening, recording, and writing purposes. If you want to upload the song anywhere you have to purchase a lease.


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KDO   3 wks ago Recording Artist
Banger bro damn this shit nice
B Sound Beatz   5 mos ago Music Producer
Straight 🔥🔥🤦🏾‍♂️Check me out too
Lord Kuda   11 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
how is it that on your YouTube channel this beat is marked as free yet you set prices here, i understand you give a free DL but it isnt worth it with that voice talking in the background dude, throws writers off ode. if its really free then it would be a clean beat not voices saying BeatsByWonder. and i get you wanna make sure you get paid, i get it. but some of us can afford that price and are more than willing you give you credit and a cut of what ever money the song makes. id more than happily would do that but with that voice on the track im finding it difficult to write cause it really throws me off.
BeatsByWonder   11 mos ago Music Producer
@purekuda (Lord Kuda) As stated in the description of the video, the free download is only supposed to be used for writing, recording, and listening purposes. If you want the untagged version of the beat you have to purchase a lease.
BeatsByWonder   8 mos ago Music Producer
@nigga_tave (Tave) Regardless of what you do, if you do decide to post the beat anywhere you would have to purchase a lease to the beat. The beat is not free for non-profit use.
rezony   1 yr ago Recording Artist
So lovely and chill and out of words. I just want to listen to this tune on my phone. Is it possible to get a download link or something..
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