Bad Blood (with Hook by Breana Marin) BEAT COLLABORATION

by Legion Beats  

Genre:   Hip Hop , Club , R&B     Mood:   Energetic , Confident

Tags:   #legion beats  ,  #kodak black  ,  #trap beat with hook

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19619 5 73 BPM

Prod by The Legion


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Keeps MN   5 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
huge 808's a plucky lead, and a few vocal cuts lead into a really modern chorus. Modern hip hop / trap drums keep the chorus through into the bridge. Bridge features cut vocals and all. Verse transitions with a verbed out vocal into a neat segment for future vocal work. This beat is FAST paced.. so bring your best lyrics. verse transitions into a chorus 2, with nothing new. Bridge segment into 2nd verse is also the same. 2nd verse starts with just snares and hats, then brings in a fat 808 to see it through. I'd love to hear some harmonies with the vocals like you've done with the second 4 bars of the chorus. Harmonies and new phrasing to releive a bit of the monotony. Keep it real! - Keeps
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