Drop It BEAT

by Mantra  

Genre:   Hip Hop , Club , R&B     Mood:   Energetic , Determined

Tags:   #afrobeat  ,  #dancehall  ,  #drake

37736 10 113 BPM


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YCM Beats   1 mo ago Music Producer
Good job Bro !!! if you need a top liner , a songwriter , call to see you .
Lil AJ Swerve   2 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
LOVE IT MAKES ME WANT TO WRITE LYRICS Who the fuck you calling a hoe ass bitch When last time I checked you haven't hit this At least I don't fuck with a boy cuz he rich At least I don't fuck with a boy for his dick When I get revenge I go hardcore Make you wanna slam my face on the floor I'm sorry that my legs aren't open no more I'm sorry that you can't get this anymore I still love you so i'll show support but you messed with me so i had to abort last time i seen you you still had court so i run away it's like i teleport
Carleman   2 mos ago Recording Artist
man u r on fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Boooommmmmm Love this this
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