by Mantra  

Genre:   Pop , Pop / Rock , Rock     Mood:   Energetic , Determined

Tags:   #Sia  ,  #Rihanna  ,  #Shawn Mendes

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28999 29 125 BPM


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Joe Mullin   1 mo ago Recording Artist
Is there any sample in this? If not Ima buy it. Please let me know.
Rob   4 mos ago Music Lover
I like the verbed vocals with the delay
Maskerade Beats & Hooks   5 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
bruh, you guys merc'd this. I'm speechless with the mix and everything. I have to get on this asap.
Yinte   5 mos ago Music Producer
yo bro this is dope broski we should collab
Rex   5 mos ago Recording Artist
Dude this is dope.. Im writing lyrics to it, I may buy it soon if I like the lyrics enough!!
"Mantra" would love to hear your thoughts on "Echoes (Collab w/ MdL)" Track!

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