Foreign BEAT

by Syndrome  

Genre:   Hip Hop     Mood:   Mellow , Dark

Tags:   #Russ  ,  #Smooth  ,  #Hispanic

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jTACTICS   1 mo ago Music Producer
guys check out my beats, a lot of work goes into them.
Giada Rome   2 mos ago Music Lover
so if its bought its not taken down or how exactly does that work? bc im trying to buy it....but it appears 9 mos ago a killer track was made with it? lmk
Lil AJ Swerve   9 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
LOVE THIS MAKES ME WANT TO WRITE. Stop fucking with me... already got a boo... but at the same time... I really need you... so maybe me and you... can fuck a little too... in the back... in the bathroom... at the honey dew
Novah   1 yr ago Recording Artist
yo i made a killer song with this beat im gonna buy it
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