Midnight Drive BEAT

by Dissimu1ation  

Genre:   Electronic , Pop     Mood:   Calm , Mellow

Tags:   #Bass  ,  #Future Bass  ,  #Martin Garrix

322 43 130 BPM

Composed for Beatstars.


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VLTE_RSA   8 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
Word of advice on that drop or chorus, just let the chords continue playing so the listener can get a feel of the track. It is good though!
LAVI$H JAX   9 mos ago Music Producer
hey bro lemme remix this and we could market it as aboogie type beat!
Supa-Nova   9 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
Dope beat man I really like the vibe!
SUPREME BEING   9 mos ago Music Producer
i like that you understand its not about having a lot of instruments, its about vibes. nice track.
N✩VAMAN   9 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
First off, thanks for following me and listening to my tracks! My critique: I would have loved to hear more/different drum variations particularly around the transitions into the chorus parts and also within the 2nd verse part. I think to really set this track off, there could have been more instrumentation to create additional movement throughout the track. This helps keep your listener engaged and guessing whats coming up next. You were starting to do a little bit of this in the beginning and at the end with the bells or EL Piano sound. The kick in this track could have had a bit more tightness to it which could have been achieved with a little EQ around the 80 - 130Hz range. The track has a big sound to it which is great! I like your use of side-chaining with the kick and synth, I think it gives the instruments a little breathing room. Nice job. Conclusion: think about using some additional instruments in future tracks to achieve movement which again keeps your listeners engaged. Use different drum variations as well. I'm trying to follow my own feedback in some of my tracks also. Use EQ and Compression where necessary. Rate: 7/10.
BubbelB/BubbelBeats   9 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
2bad u only have one beat, curious to see what u will bring if u got the room for it
Dizzy TWO TimeZ   9 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
Yes dat name say it all......I can ride in Tha Maro wit it......Blowing bacc
King Zadj   9 mos ago Music Producer
dope beat man, you should upload more beats ;). goOd job
EDP   9 mos ago Recording Artist
Ohhhh so airy and bright synths!
THE AV8TOR   9 mos ago Music Producer
This is super smooth. the consistency in this track works very well almost too well
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