by Rujay  

Genre:   Hip Hop , Club , R&B     Mood:   Confident , Flirty

Tags:   #catchy  ,  #rap  ,  #sippin

This Music was created in collaboration with:

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This Instrumental was produced by Finnish producer Ihaksi.

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: Sippin by Ihaksi.


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WaliShikreeAli   2 mos ago Recording Artist
My people love this beat... of course I do as well... I had did a number on this and they want me to go further with it... can we set something up?
David Pich   7 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
Hey there love this beat how much would it cost to own the beats or use it to make profit
CamoChoi   8 mos ago Music Producer
To use this beat for the profit, how much money does it costs?
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