by CashMoneyAp  

Genre:   Hip Hop     Mood:   Energetic , Epic

Tags:   #young thug  ,  #migos  ,  #drake

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Kahealbeats   2 mos ago Music Producer
artists who need heavy dark sounds metro, future, travis or drake follow me now NOW!!!
Lil AJ Swerve   8 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
LOVIN IT My whole life I've been played like a chess peice The the pain is killin I start to lose my heartbeat Brain so good this girl must be a mathlete But then she's out there door got me feelin like a meet and greet She say I'm crazy please bitch don't test me I'll cut you off just like Jermain Dupree You won't have shit and you'll always be hungry You look real ratchet is that old weave? yeah it must be
RAZOR   8 mos ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
i need some custom beats
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