Take A Look Ft. Breana Marin BEAT COLLABORATION


Genre:   Hip Hop , Hip Hop     Mood:   Bouncy , Confident

Tags:   #migos  ,  #Drake  ,  #Hip hop

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13208 15 150 BPM

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tokyo   1 wk ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
So if i did this track how many other ones would be floating around with the same hook and everything. Also i'm assuming i'm allowed to edit it as I please. Which would also include altering hooks and drops and add instruments.
BEATDEMONS   1 wk ago Music Producer
@iamtokeyo (tokyo) hey, you can make small adjustments and edit it (Drops, making beat longer). Adding any instruments however to our beat is not allowed.
Costa K   2 wks ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
@beatdemons Would you be willing to allow 1,000,000 monetized plays for the $100 licence or at least anywhere close to that number?
BARNONE360   2 mos ago Recording Artist
The track is super hot I want to purchase, but will I have all the rights to the song ?
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