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Music Producer, San Diego, CA
We are a collection of producers who create music for artists, and for use in film and television. The majority of our tracks are created at Foxhole Studios in San Diego, CA. Samples used in our music are created on site so that there are no legal issues when licensing music from Boutique Beats. We own all final copyrights and masters for the music we sell. The two main producers are Boutique Beats are Darren Goldberg and Morgan McRae.

Darren Goldberg: Co-founder of Foxhole Studios, Darren fostered his love for the arts from a young age growing up in the mountains of Idaho. Blessed with a sense of creativity and passion for music and arts, which surely was a recessive family trait, Darren has blossomed into a respected multi-instrumentalist, producer, web programmer and digital art designer. The idea for Foxhole was born from the desire to combine these worlds in one working environment, a place where collectively we can deliver a variety of high quality media and creative services to our clients. Along with running Foxhole Studios, Darren tours nationally with the San Diego based electro rock group, HEADPHONE, the Coldplay tribute act, Coldplayed, and the electronic duo, Ape Tribe.

Morgan McRae: Co-founder of Foxhole studios, Morgan has been producing music for seven years. When he began producing, his style defaulted to an indie pop sound. After graduating with dual degrees in Music Studies, and Business Management (Entrepreneurship), Morgan began working in several San Diego recording studios doing hourly engineering for bands and artists. In the last four years, his focus shifted to full-scale productions for Hiphop artists, and commercial and film scoring. He has produced music for major hiphop artists including Truth Ali, Cyhi, and Kxng Crooked from Slaughterhouse. Darren and Morgan's team at Foxhole Studios has scored commercial work for companies like InMobi, Sonoma Wine Country and Hexagon Geospatial, among others.









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released on May 18 2018

Custom beats and music for artists and licensing.

released on Mar 29 2018

Glass Castle is an epic electronic pop production ready for female or male vocals. The track features very glitchy, gro...

released on Mar 22 2018

Cast Away is an aggressive and coasty hiphop beat with a deep pocketed groove, perfect for rap vocals and with space for...

released on Mar 15 2018

A tasty half-time hip hop beat sure to put you in the mood. Featuring big synths driving the groove and high end analog ...

released on Mar 8 2018

Key: Gmin Cold Surveillance is a Winter Drive on a lonely road. This track is made for rappers with a trap edge. Th...

released on Mar 1 2018

Key: Cmin Laid Back, classic west coast hip hop groove complete with 808's, crisp piano, live bass and smooth lead li...

released on Feb 24 2018

Cha Dot Ching is a killer fresh new pop style hiphop beat that is screaming for attention. The track morphs constantly ...

Palm Highway | Laid Back Hiphop Beatreleased on Feb 24 2018

Palm highway is one of those smooth hiphop beats reminiscent of laid back, casual old school hiphop. The driving force is the coast beat and sampled piano track. West coast hiphop does not get any b...

Cold Surveillance | Trap Hiphop | Sounds Like G-Eazyreleased on Feb 24 2018

Cold Surveillance is a Winter Drive on a lonely road. This track is made for rappers with a trap edge. The sound modulates between several instrumental layers which drop in and out around an upbeat ...

A Memory Lost | Heavy Hiphopreleased on Feb 23 2018

A Memory Lost is a mid tempo heavy hiphop track. The music lumbers and echoes in a giant space. The melodies consist of a floating piano line, and a pluck synthesizer that appears throughout the tra...

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