Lavito Beats

Music Producer, Belgium
Lavito Beats is a Belgian YouTube Channel created by Producer & Songwriter Lavito. Inspired by established names like Scott Storch, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, 40, Kanye, Pharell Williams, J Cole and many more, Lavito likes to bring a unique vibe of wavy tunes mixed with old and new school hip hop beats. The core of Lavito Beats is simplicity and emotion. Based on a creative bound of keys and percussion, the beats will always have a structure in order to make it easy for any artist to sing or rap on the instrumental. Every now and then you will see new vibes coming up. This because of new collaborations with Belgian producers like Chuki Beats and the infamous Retnik Beats. Certainly worth mentioning is that Lavito Beats is a partnership with Tolerated Cinematics. The purpose is to let everybody enjoy the music in combination with mellow visuals. If you think about monetization on Spotify, Itunes or other commercial projects, please have a look for a license. The road to 100 000 subs is ongoing and we need all of your support! Thanks for reading and enjoy the music! Pz









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released on Dec 8 2018

Chill trap beat with some J Cole vibes. Check out this old school sample beat.

Old School Cypher Beat - 'BALLERZ' | Free Boom Bap Type Hip Hop Beat | Nesh & Lavitoreleased on Dec 8 2018

💰 Puchase/Download: coming up 💜 Road To 10K: 🌴 Website: 💎 Free Downloads: Nesh Music: https://open.spotify....

released on Dec 8 2018

Old school hip hop beat.

released on Nov 29 2018

Booming the weeknd type beats with some dark epic vibes.

released on Nov 27 2018

Latest new 6Lack black on the market baby! Check out this dope trap beat :D PZzz Lavito

released on Nov 25 2018

Chill sad trap type beat made with some 6lack vibes for you guys & girls. What ya think? Pzzz

released on Nov 20 2018

Epic booming trap type beat made with my infamous friend Tylhoz BEATS! Check it out broooo ;)

Dark Horror Trap Beat - THE TRUNK | Booming Gangster Trap Type Beat | LAVITO BEATSreleased on Nov 15 2018

💰High Quality & Untagged:💜 Road To 100K: n🏁 Website: n💎Free Download: nn[FREE] GLORIOUS HIPHOP ...

Wutang Type Beat - 'GLORY' | Free Boom Bap Type Hip Hop Instrumental | Lavito Beatsreleased on Nov 15 2018

💰 Puchase/Download:💜 Road To 100K: n🌴 Website: http://www.lavitobeats.comn💎 Free Downloads: Type Beat - 'GLORY...

released on Nov 15 2018

Another one. Some chill trap vibes for you peepz!

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