Your Beat, Your Story

BeatStars was created for you; the writer, the performer, the beat maker, the producer, the engineer, the record label, the publisher, the videographer, the artist and the CREATOR. BeatStars was built for the person telling their story with music and to find like-minded people to experience it with. Music is the universal language that connects us across the globe. Music brings out our human emotions and music is the unified voice of the people.

At BeatStars we strive to inspire music collaboration between the people writing the songs and the people composing the music. Bringing artists from all over the world together to truly explore their full potential as song makers.

Meet the team

Abe Batshon
Founder & CEO
Joseph Aguilar
Senior Engineer
Joe Shatara
Cloud Guru / IT
Danny Alahwal
Operations & Distribution
Mike Trampe
Social Media Manager
Elvis Salic
Graphics / Front-end Developer
Frederico Jesus
Alex Ospina
John Camp
Luis Barros
Quality Assurance
Victoria Newsom


Jason Kilar
CEO of Vessel, former CEO of Hulu
Jacob Jaber
CEO of Philz Coffee