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Hello. My name is Teka! I’m a multiplatinum music producer, composer, and songwriter! Welcome to my music page where you can find pro quality beats and instrumentals for commercial and non-commercial purposes!

So if You would like to get highest quality beats without any problems! Are you bored of time-consuming searching of high-quality beats in millions of all known places? You are in the right place! Only radio ready, professionally mixed and mastered beats made by me, only on hardware (Korg M3, Roland Integra 7, Access Virus Ti, Access Virus B, Alesis Ion, Novation Ks Rack, Nord Lead A1, DSI Tetra, Novation Mininova and more)

Credits: Skyzoo, Don Benjamin, Johnny P, Freck Billionaire, Big Omeezy, Work Dirty, Decadez, Sonny Court, Wordsmith, Jayden Felder, Northstar, Sentino, Freeman (IAM) and more

About me.

Dream Believe Do Repeat! Nothing more accurately describes his philosophy. Born in December 1982. Tomasz Teka Kucharski from an early age follows the words spoken over a quarter of a century later by Sean Combs. Over 20 years of involvement in music, experiencing it in every way possible has resulted in officially releasing five albums (‘Pomysł Goni Pomysł’, ’Chcę, Więc Potrafię’, ‘Talent’, ‘III” and “#Producersdiary’) and hundreds of productions for artists from all around the world. The producer, in love with New York City, composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and businessman working with the broad genre of Urban, Modern Pop and Club music. A fanatic of sound, music hardware, constantly looking for inspiration in the surrounding world! Currently heavily focuses on music production, directed mainly for foreign markets (U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Russia) on which he is is increasingly successful.









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released on Dec 6 2018

Free R&B type beat called Summer Kings. Melodic instrumental with some hot summer vibes.

released on Nov 27 2018

Free Ethnic Hip Hop type beat. Dynamic, melodic with a little note of sadness and mysticism. This is free type beat so y...

released on Nov 8 2018

Free R&B type beat called Trust. Smooth, gently instrumental based on melodic piano sound and groovy drums. Slow, melanc...

released on Oct 31 2018

Smooth and melodic with a note of mystery. R&B / Pop type beat with warm pads, dynamic drums and gently Rhodes sounds. T...

released on Oct 17 2018

French Montana type beat called 'You'. Fresh, great sounding and melodic. Hip-hop / Afro Pop style. Base on synthesizer ...

released on Oct 3 2018

Afro Pop type beat produced and composed with attention to details on top quality hardware. Based on melodic electric gu...

released on Sep 20 2018

Tyge type beat called 'Holiday'. Groovy, dynamic with a catchy melody and holiday vibe. Based on steel drums deep base a...

released on Sep 13 2018

Kanye West type beat called 'Love' inspired by his latest single 'I Love It'. Minimalistic, based on hard bass synthesiz...

released on Sep 5 2018

Rick Ross type beat called 'Do This' is hip-hop style instrumental inspired by Rick Ross. Warm, melodic and great soundi...

released on Aug 29 2018

XXXTENTACION type beat called 'Love Life'. Dark, melodic and sad with a melodic hook sung by Paulina Witon. Based on dee...

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