#KuttCalhounRemixContest (Suga Head & EMBI)

uploaded by Suga Head

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This Video is a #KuttCalhounRemixContest Entry

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From Russia with love Black Gold forever!


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R.J. Steele   long time ago Recording Artist
Only a couple more days to vote y'all!! Please give everyone you can a vote, we all worked hard to just have you guys hear us. One love to everyone doing this contest. Please check my song remix out and give it a vote, Help me get to top 25 its all up to you. One love, god bless. LINK
O'Neil Beats   long time ago Music Producer
You know, I like the track and voted but I dont appreciate the fact that there's a bunch of music lovers from the same city and country voting for you. I dont think @beatstars would appreciate people creatinf accounts to submit a vote to yourself. This takes away from people that actually works and grinds really hard. I know it's not just you nor am I hating your work but I wanted to make you aware that other people can see this. Making Fake accounts is not really going to help win this contest.
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