CypherBeatz:On My Own #KuttCalhounRemixContest

uploaded by Cypher BeatzzTv

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This Video is a #KuttCalhounRemixContest Entry

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New Producer I hope you guys like it.nnVote for Me Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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anthony anderson   long time ago Recording Artist \ Music Producer
I don't care if I win or not.... it needs to be known my home town of Flint, MI is in a crisis caused by corrupt politics and tactics of rich politicians improving their situation regardless of the consequences unto others! Annnnnd now that after 2 and a half years of dealing with toxic water and corruption, the shit has finally hit the fan and theres national/worldwide news coverage, everyone is jumping out of the woodwork to "help!" BULLSHIT! walmarts president, Doug McMillon plans to make an appearance ant the Corunna Rd. walmart monday and "show how much walmart cares!!!!" once again.... BULLLLLLSHIT!!!! this water crisis has been years in the making and now thats its national news all these "heroes" are showing up to save the day.... where have you been for the past 2 years? if you really cared why would you wait until it benefits you to act like you care and benefit in the grand scheme of things.... yes the people of flint may be poor..... but we are not STUPID!!! STOP EXPLOITING US FOR PERSONAL GAIN!!!!
Duke   long time ago Music Producer
Dope remix ! Voted n Liked! Return the favor on my Kutt Calhoun Remix plz LINK
Tom W   long time ago Music Producer
yeah man i like it - nice cuts at 2:40 (what to do, what to say) - have a listen if you fancy LINK
R.J. Steele   long time ago Recording Artist
I really like your entry its good, i gave you a vote. Please Check out my contest entry and give it a vote. One love. LINK
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