Kendrick Lamar Type Beats | Nipsey Hussle Type Beats | Game Inspired Beat - "For You"

uploaded by Dream Ear


💰 Buy This Beat: ➕ Subscribe: 🔥 Website: --------------------- Kendrick Lamar Type Beats | Nipsey Hussle Type Beats | Game Inspired Beat - "For You" --------------------- Beat Concept (Made by Producer): This track is pure confidence. The main character doesn’t care what anyone thinks of them. It’s time to turn up and enjoy yourself. (Disclaimer: All concepts are optional - Producer is just trying to help you out.) DreamEarProd Beats come with a story. Where's your confidence level after listening to this Hip Hop beat? Let us know in the comments below. --------------------- Follow Dream Ear Productions below: Beatstars: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Soundcloud: Pinterest: Reddit: --------------------- ** DISCLAIMER ** Dream Ear Productions does not own these visuals. All credit for these visuals belongs to the following creators and producers of the visuals used in the above mash-up. Black Bullet: Written by Shiden Kanzaki Illustrated by Saki Ukai. Production Companies: ASCII Mediaworks T-X Kinema Citrus NBC Universal Entertainment Orange Showgate WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?: Production Companies: C2C Satelight Other Companies Dax Production (sound production) Lantis (music production) Satelight Digital Department (photography) Studio Wyeth (background art) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Directed by Yasuhiro Irie Written by Hiroshi Ōnogi Production Companies: Bones Square Enix Company FUNimation Entertainment Vivid Strike: Written by Masaki Tsuzuki Animated by Seven Arcs Production Companies: Starchild Records Seven Arcs Sony Music Communications The Klockworx Co., Ltd. If there are any copyright issues with any of Dream Ear Productions' videos from the producer or the creator's side (including artists of the images used), please send an e-mail to and the images will be removed immediately! *Video clips were edited by Dream Eye Media* --------------------- Company Description: Dream Ear Productions offers a full range of music and audio related services that assist artists and entrepreneurs in their careers. In 2003, Dream Ear Productions began to provide solutions to musicians. Today, small businesses, world-class artists and influencers add quality to their brands and reach new consumers by aligning themselves with Dream Ear Productions. The Story Behind the Music: In 1969 a family of 3 are chased out of a prejudice Mississippi. One mother, daughter, and son scrape west to California to eventually land in the notorious Fillmore district of San Francisco. Fast forward to 1988, the daughter, Betty, spends the night in the rain in front of a closed abortion clinic. Despite the popular opinion at the time to end the pregnancy, she gave birth to a son, DeShawn Davis on August 17th, 1988. As an infant, DeShawn moved from one hood to the next, discovering business at the age of four, making deals and trading toys. By the age of seven DeShawn spent most of his time daydreaming and scribbling the word ‘Dream’ in notebooks. By the time he was 15 he had fallen in love with music. After wiring an old computer, a casio keyboard, and some home theater speakers, DeShawn had his own music studio. The name of it hit him immediately and Dream Ear had emerged from nothing. He entered competitions awarding him the resources to build new studios and pursue new ventures. His goal always being to pay back those that laid the path before him. At Dream Ear there’s a story within the composition if you listen. Dream Ear Productions Listen to your Dreams “Everything starts with a Dream. Music, similar to Dreams, holds a grip on the place where reality meets fiction. It’s a great place to exist.” DeShawn Davis


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