How do I register for the Creator Rights Agency?

You can sign up and apply to be a member of the Creator Rights Agency here

What is the Creator Rights Agency and what services does it provide?

The Creator Rights Agency is a state of the art service that will allow Creators to submit requests directly to the CRAs team of licensing experts. The CRA’s Team will then use data and help Creators negotiate deals, execute deals, and get paid up-front fees and any backend royalties owed to them.

Can I still register for the Creator Rights Agency if I'm not from the U.S.?

Yes, we help our BeatStars Pro and Publishing members globally.

How much does it cost to sign up for the Creator Rights Agency?

It’s free for anyone that is a BeatStars Professional Tier Subscriber and BeatStars Publishing Member to sign up. We only get paid a 10% fee for deals that we close for you. That 10% is only applicable to Advances and any Master Points that we negotiate. We do not take ownership of any of your work, take any percentage of your publishing, or take money from your beat sales.

What's the difference between BeatStars Publishing and the Creator Rights Agency?

BeatStars Music Publishing helps publishing members collect compositional royalties for the songwriters and composers. The Creators Rights Agency helps members negotiate on behalf of their intellectual property rights outside of publishing rights.