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Discover how and where your music is being used. Affordably.

Monitor your music's reach for just $2 per track. Pay for one-time or monthly tracking, and stay in control of how your work is being used across the social web.
Beat ID searches 25+ social platforms

How Beat ID works

"I scanned my best perfoming beats and found quite a few songs totalling millions of streams. Without Beat ID, I would definitely miss out on a lot of money..."
Anabolic Beatz
"Before Beat ID, I was relying on the artist to share the song they made with me, but now you can find every single song recorded over any beat that you upload to BeatStars."
James Moon Beats
"With Beat ID, I found out an artist who used my beat got over 20 million views on YouTube and 50 million views on Spotify."
Swisher Beats
"Beat ID helped me find a song that was going crazy in Turkey with millions of views and streams."
Cyclope Beatz
"Beat ID has been a huge help. We've been able to track our top beats and find tons of artists who are using them."
"We've found thousands of songs with Beat ID that we didn't have on our radar before. Without it, we would never have become aware of them and the money generated would have practically slipped through our fingers."
"At Eastbird, we used Beat ID to help us track and register over 100 songs."
Chibby OG (CEO/Founder,
Eastbird Global Studios)

It's your music... start keeping track of it today with Beat ID

Track who has used your music and where it lives on the social web for only $2 per track!

Frequent Questions

What is Beat ID?

Beat ID is the industry’s most powerful music tracking tool that empowers creators with data and information regarding where and how their copyrights are being used across the social web. You upload your track, and we’ll scan dozens of social platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Reddit, Tiktok, and many more. We’ll then link you to every place it appears on these platforms. It’s your music – we’ll help you keep track of it!

Why do I need Beat ID?

You’ve worked hard to create music that’s uniquely yours – you deserve to benefit from all the opportunities your work is creating. Unfortunately, many creators aren’t aware of how their work is being used by others, and that often means missing out on additional ways to make money. If you want to benefit fully from your hard work, you need Beat ID.

What’s included in a Beat ID report?

After scanning +25 social platforms, the report will provide you with links to every place it appears on these platforms so you can find out who used your music, when, and how many views/likes it received. The report will also include the match type - there are 7 different match types:

  • Exact Match - A 1:1 match of your asset.
  • Full Match - A copy that contains 100% of your asset’s content but also contains additional content (E.g. Your asset is 1:30 minutes. A full match copy is returned that runs 5:00 min in length and contains all 1:30 minutes of your asset and 3:30 minutes of other content).
  • Partial Match - 100% of the copy matches your asset but does not contain the entirety of your asset (E.g. Your asset is 5:00 minutes. A copy returned is 3:00 minutes in length and all of that 3:00 minutes comes from your asset).
  • Snippet - A match that occurs when part of your asset appears as part of a video (E.g. Your video is 3:00  minutes long. A copy is returned with a 5:00 min duration and two of those minutes match your content).
  • Snippet 30 - Snippet in which the matched content is 30 seconds or less in duration.
  • Snippet 10 - Snippet in which the matched content is 10 seconds or less in duration.
  • Snippet 5 - Snippet in which the matched content is 5 seconds or less in duration.

How often do I receive the report?

You can choose to receive a one-time or monthly report (depending on your payment option). You will receive the report around the beginning of the upcoming month., and therefore could take up to 30 days.

Is Beat ID just for beats, or can I upload my songs?

You can upload both beats and songs – Beat ID will scan the social web for any use of your content.

Where does Beat ID track my music?

Beat ID will find uses of your music on Apple Podcasts, Audiomack, Dailymotion, Datpiff, Facebook, Gfycat, Giphy, Imgur, Instagram, LiveLeak, MixCloud, My Mixtapez, Oddshot, OK, Pearvideo, Reddit, Soundcloud, Streamable, Spotify Podcasts, Tenor, TikTok, Triller, Twitch, Twitch Clips, Twitter, Vimeo, VK, Youku, and YouTube.

Who benefits from using Beat ID?

Music producers, recording artists, record labels, music publishers – anyone who owns music copyrights will benefit from using Beat ID.

How is Beat ID different from Youtube Content ID?

While Youtube Content ID only checks for uses of your tracks on Youtube, Beat ID scans the entire social web, including Youtube, and provides you with links to show you where your music is being used.

Isn’t this going to be expensive and time consuming if I have a lot of tracks?

If you have a large catalog and wish to track everything - yes, the cost could add up. However, we only recommend tracking your most popular tracks, as those are the most likely to be used by other artists and creators.

How can I monetize my music with Beat ID?

If Beat ID locates full produced songs using your beat (with a valid license), you are entitled to royalties, which BeatStars Publishing can help collect for you. Conversely, you can monetize improper uses of your beat by converting these opportunities into valid licenses. To learn more about BeatStars Publishing, click here.