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Trailblazing ethical AI in music together.

BeatStars has partnered with Lemonaide to provide you with a revolutionary AI tool that generates millions of inspirational ideas based on your input, ethically sourced by our community of creators. These are the seeds to help kick start your creative process.

That's applying AI technology the right way — to empower creators, not replace them.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you training your AI model on BeatStars user’s music to ultimately replace music producers?

Everything we do is geared toward protecting and supporting producers, and that includes how we approach AI. BeatStars and Lemonaide are committed to using only ethically-sourced AI to empower creators, which means the AI is only trained through a voluntary community of producers who are compensated for sharing their work, and whose feedback is openly encouraged. And we’re limiting the role of AI to short musical ideas that spark inspiration for producers, not full production tracks – we intend to set the standard for the ethical use of AI in music, and our mission has always been to empower creators, not replace them.

How much are creators being paid to be a part of this?

Unlike many other companies who are being secretive about how they’re using members’ tracks to train their AI datasets, we are taking an ethical approach by only utilizing tracks from producers who we’ve reached out to and who have agreed to participate. These producers are excited about helping us make history, and while they are compensated for their participation we aren’t at liberty to share details about their compensation. We work with and compensate producers on a case by case basis.

Is BeatStars now owned by an AI company?

No, the relationship between BeatStars and Lemonaide is a strategic partnership, uniting the two companies' efforts to set the standard for ethical AI in music creation.

Why did BeatStars decide to partner with Lemonaide?

We are thrilled to partner with Lemonaide, a true pioneer in the field of AI music. The Lemonaide team shares our commitment to protecting creators and equipping them with the tools they need to make great music. By incorporating ethical AI practices from the outset, we can revolutionize the way artists work with AI and create a positive impact in the music industry.

If I export AI generated music to my DAW, who owns the copyright to the finished track?

The answer will continue to change as more laws pass. At this time, the extent to which the finished track can even be copyrighted depends on how much you modify the bars from Lemonaide after you import them into your DAW.

Either way, the Lemonaide outputs are royalty-free.

Subject to the Lemonaide TOS, you will own any existing copyright related to the finished track. Also subject to the Lemonaide TOS, Lemonaide will retain ownership of each individual output that is incorporated into your finished track.

Please be aware that there are legal nuances related to copyright ownership of AI Generated music and you should always seek legal advice in order to understand copyright law and all of your rights.

Which DAWs does Lemonaide support?

Lemonaide is a DAW-agnostic tool available to use as a Mac or Windows application, or even in your favorite Web Browser. Each method has the ability to export the MIDIs that you've generated into your DAW.

In short, any DAW that accepts MIDI also accepts Lemonaide!

How does Lemonaide know how to generate MIDI files?

Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning, can be broken down into 3 simple steps: Datasets, Training, and Generations.

1. Lemonaide ethically sources datasets of what ‘sounds good’ to music producers.

2. Lemonaide uses these ethically sourced datasets to train their proprietary model, so the model understands ‘what sounds good.’

3. Through Lemonaide’s friendly interface, music producers can leverage the trained AI model to generate brand new MIDI ideas, based on that model’s definition of ‘what sounds good.’ Lemonaide includes algorithms to ensure that music theory fundamentals are applied in every generation.

How do I get more credits to use on Lemonaide?

The Starter tier (formerly called Marketplace tier) includes 50 credits per month. The Professional tier (formerly called Pro Page tier) includes 250 credits per month. Credits do not carry over, but they refresh monthly.

Am I able to edit the MIDI that Lemonaide generates once it is imported in the DAW?

Yes, and we hope you do! The idea is to use Lemonaide generations as inspiration, but you’re the one who takes it to the finish line.

How many bars does a normal Lemonaide-generated MIDI have?

Currently Lemonaide generates 4-bar loops the majority of the time. We may expand this in the future based on user feedback.

Will Lemonaide be embedded on the BeatStars platform, or will I have to download their software?

Your BeatStars account will be linked to your new Lemonaide account from within the BeatStars platform. Once your account is linked, you can download a version to Mac or PC, or you can use the web version.

If I use a MIDI that came from Lemonaide, then I get a placement, does a portion of my publishing percentage get taken away?

No, because the outputs are royalty-free, you will keep 100% of your publishing royalties and any other compensation that you receive from a placement.